Samsung working with Oculus. Yes you heard it right!

Yes, this is true! Korean manufacturer is working with oculus on the new VR headset.

While oculus is handling the software side of the headset, samsung is working on its hardware. Oculus will give its early access of the mobile software development kit to samsung and in return, samsung ensures to provide Oculus with early access to its next-gen OLED screens.


 The OLED screens that Oculus is getting are reportedly of a higher resolution than 1080p, and may be used in some of Samsung’s next flagship phones.

As previously speculated, this new headset will use your phone as its screen; prototypes are currently running on Galaxy S4 phones, though the eventual consumer model is likely to run on a future phone model. Currently, the UI is interacted with by nodding your head at floating objects in a virtual 3D space, though this might not make it to the final product, as voice, touch, and gamepad interaction are also available.Oculus is still working on its own, gaming-focused Oculus Rift following its acquisition by Facebook, but the company has recently been sued over the device by ZeniMax. Sony, meanwhile, revealed Project Morpheus earlier this year at GDC.

So yeah now we can expect some really great stuffs coming out from samsung in near future. Wait for it guys.

Let us know in the comment section, whether you are excited about this or you think that it won’t be anything great.



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